Donnerstag, 30. November 2017

Brand-new Medical Optical Lens ;o)

Is it a cup? Is it a measuring-cup? NO, it is an OPTICAl-LENS!

little cup for medicine
Ok, one day, I've take a look through this little cup an saw that it engaged the background,

Today I used this little item as optical lens and took a picture with.

The cup in the lens-board of my "Calumet" 4x5".
See the signs in the middle of the "lens".

Sides covered with black cardboard.

...after the 1st trial I found the luminous intensity of the "lens" is to high for taking a picture without shutter.
So I add an aperture with a diameter of 12.5 cm and used Ilford b/w Multigrade-paper.
The lens ready for use with the Calumet.

The photo, taken with the measure-cup.
Negative scanned and inverted digital in a positiv.
The original view, taken by a digital-camera:
The car in the foreground with the snow on the roof
has changed into another car.
Have you any experiences with unusually Lenses?
Please tell me/us about.

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