Montag, 17. Mai 2010

SX 70

This it is, the old SX 70 Kamera, I used in the 70th. Later I gave it to my nephew and now it is in my use again, together with the first "Impossible Project-Filmpack". & later you will see more...

Sonntag, 9. Mai 2010


...a quick link to some of my works from St.Gallen.

Dienstag, 4. Mai 2010

...schon ein goiles Geschoss/...just a cool Camera ;-)

...a little step by side. Looking around in my studio, I felt a little smile in my face, seeing one of my "working tools"... This swedish/german/russian co-production I love it more then all digital cameras I have, I ever used...

Donnerstag, 8. April 2010

Hybrid Printing

If photographers calls their product "hybride photography", when mixing their analog und digital work, we can call this viewcard a "hybride print". The photo & prepress are made digital.
But then I've made three polymere-klischees for the colours – selected by Martin Amstutz – darkblue, cyan and orange-brown. Martin Amstutz (PostPost) printed them on his "Asbern" printer. Ah, before I forget, he also found this marvelles view of the habour of Calcutta, and the exciting "bling-bling" cartonboard (you cannot imagine the glimmer, looking on this humble scan)...
May be you'll ask, "for what did they made this big work (Martin printed 1.000 cards in 3 colours + the backside by hand)?"
...then take a look here.

Sonntag, 28. März 2010

"How to make a biometric foto in a minute..."

A day like the others. I decided to make the photo for my new ePass in my own studio. Thought, this would be a quick job... So I made a trial-shot with the digital Olympus, set me, the light, the background in the right position. Then I took the Hasselblad (in the moment, I only own a 50mm Distagon) an fixed it in the same position like the Olympus before... some shoots, took the film out of the magazine... developed it.
Aarrgh- the background was at the wrong position: a little bis other focal distance, a little bit difference of the camera position... Ok, no problem, I have a pola-mag, also. So I took a "brand new" polaroid out of the refrigerator, usable up to 2002, and made the first pic, but could no pull the white paper out of the magazine, ... long work in the dark-bag... no chance, the film magazine has corroded in the closed plastic bag... So had to learn, that the chemical substances inside the pola-bag can damage old polaroid films...
Ok, I took another pola-pack-film from the last century and hoped, it would work better. It did. After 2-3 trials I've found my portrait-position and could use the film-mag with a real new HP5.
(For the blog, I have made new photos of the situation ;-)
I developed the film as before, and, was happy to see, that all things matched together.

In the time while the film was drying, I built up the darkroom.
Found the best negative, put it into the enlarger. Then I looked for the right position in the enlarger-frame with the help of a stencil downloaded from the site of the German Embassy.
It was a very nice feeling, to see again the positives, drying on old newspapers... as I did since my year...
Last control with the stencil...arrgh... 1 mm lost at the right side of the photo. My nose was not anymore exactly in the middle..
OK... solutions again in the basins... position of the frame corrected... made some new enlarging...and they fitted...
For this "in a minute" I needed about 5 hours...
And all the time I thought to use the last polaroid "665" (of the world ?-) to get a positive and negative at the same time... But still I decided to use this film for a more spectacularly job ;-)

Mittwoch, 24. März 2010

The Beginning of Photography, the Beginning of this Blog.

After more then 10 years of digital photography, I go back now to "my roots" from the 60th, when I've started with an "Agfa Synchrobox", a gift from my aunt.

Some topics you'll find here next: analog photographic, cyanotypie & other vintage prints, pinhole camera, analog cameras, lenses, darkroom, enlarger,... text without photo. So I'll start with my first cyanotypie photo, made last year.
Exposure time = 11 hours, Tessar 1:4.5/135mm (9x12 cm).
...and it was my answer to the old question about the possibility to take pictures on cyanotypie.