Mittwoch, 4. Juli 2018

Next Step to 4x5"

Never I forgot the brand-name "Linhof". My teacher of photography (Umbau) talked about this professional cameras. We, his students, had to work with the "poor" Plaubel.
Now "Linhof" becomes reality for my.
As usually I combined a special version of the Linhof Technika V:

4x5" Linhof Technika V with Metz CT-45 Flash and ergonomic Handle

...a very nice combination of about 4,2 kg ;-)
The first photo I shot, was a "Lomo-Selfie", means, I didn't look though the view-finder.
I need to turn the camera 90°, so the camera-bank did not cover a part of the view.

Lomo-Selfie with the Technika
Next you'll find more about here in my blog...

Donnerstag, 25. Januar 2018

Cup-Lens, Modelpics

Finally I could take some photos from a friend, and a special model ;-)

18W Daylight, 1m distance, 80 Sec. exposure-time.

18w Daylight, 1m distance + av. Light trough the open door, 25 sec.

All photos are taken with a 9 x 12 cm Calumet on Multigrade Photo-Paper.
Negative scanned, reversed in positive and colored in Photoshop.