Donnerstag, 3. Januar 2013

"K5" - the Pics

"K5", The Camera with 6 Lenses

1st Screen-Test (with digital Camera)
"K5" The Screen, made of Acrylic-Glass.


This is the 5th Photo-Camera I've build.
Once I saw at eBay a very, very much expensive "Stamp-Camera" with 15 Lenses (to take 15 Pics at the same time, f.ex. for a shied of stamps).
To build my own one, I started with 6 Lenses. I found out, that Lenses from Slide-Projector are the cheapest one.
And at TV they showed, that man build Houses with Elements of Styrophor...
So, my "K5" has a Body made of Polysterol and 6 Lenses from Slide-Projectors.
Ah, and the screen? simple, as the Rest: the junction of an Acrylic-Glass and a 800er emery-paper ;-)

After developing the Negative (Photo-Paper), I saw, that some Lenses has moved, so not all Pics are sharpe.
And when I've scanned the Negative, I was surprised, that f-stop 2.8 is not the same at every Lense...

OK, I will go on with this Camera and show you more about in the next Posts.

Have a Good New Year

The 1st Shot with the "K5"