Freitag, 6. Februar 2015

Lazy film developing while watching TV.

After 47 years rolling the Tank by hand, today I've used a motor for the first time.
Now I ask myselfe, why I've waitin' for such a long time... 
Just I've started with making Movies with the Yashica Samurai. That means a lot of Films to develope ;-)

Sonntag, 28. April 2013

My International Pinhole-Day-Disaster

I'm just traveling, visiting a friend in Düsseldorf. For the int. Pinhole-Day, I made a cardboard pinhole-camera. So far, so good. Here in Düsseldorf, the analog times are fare away: just "Calumet" has some analog materials, but too big for just one photo. So I decide do use the brand new "Impossible Instant Film PX70".
A friendly precision engineer sold me a SX70 mechanic for some coins, and happy I started with my work, incl. a darkroom-tube, made by waste-bags.
Everything seamed Ok today, but when I developed the test-pic I only saw some "mountains"...
I tried different ways to get more pressure in the developing-unit, but: first there is a mountain, then there are no mountain, then there is...

...more successfully  photographers shows their work from TODAY here:

Freitag, 15. Februar 2013


Imagine, you are in the jungle and have lost the focusing-screen of your (D)SLR or TLR.
No problem. 
You only need to take out the right tools, and...

Ok, this a joke, but may be you've bought a cam from this "endless Bay"... and you recognize, that this cam has no focusing-screen, or the fs is destroyed... then you can make your own one:
Take the tools seen on the 1st pic, cut the Acrylic-Glas (about 2mm thickness) into the right size, finish it with sandpaper (800 grain) and put it into your cam.
Here made for the "Mamiya 645 1000S", focusing to the TV (Serial "Hawaii five O").
Good work
Tools you need for your handmade focus-screen.
Screen insert into the cam. Don't forget to remove the dust ;-)
The cam with the new screen.

Donnerstag, 3. Januar 2013

"K5" - the Pics

"K5", The Camera with 6 Lenses

1st Screen-Test (with digital Camera)
"K5" The Screen, made of Acrylic-Glass.


This is the 5th Photo-Camera I've build.
Once I saw at eBay a very, very much expensive "Stamp-Camera" with 15 Lenses (to take 15 Pics at the same time, f.ex. for a shied of stamps).
To build my own one, I started with 6 Lenses. I found out, that Lenses from Slide-Projector are the cheapest one.
And at TV they showed, that man build Houses with Elements of Styrophor...
So, my "K5" has a Body made of Polysterol and 6 Lenses from Slide-Projectors.
Ah, and the screen? simple, as the Rest: the junction of an Acrylic-Glass and a 800er emery-paper ;-)

After developing the Negative (Photo-Paper), I saw, that some Lenses has moved, so not all Pics are sharpe.
And when I've scanned the Negative, I was surprised, that f-stop 2.8 is not the same at every Lense...

OK, I will go on with this Camera and show you more about in the next Posts.

Have a Good New Year

The 1st Shot with the "K5"

Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2011

Russian Beauty: FED 3, Jupiter 11 (Sucher von Leitz)

...high time to come back... and this nice combination is a good reason to do... taken pictures will be posted when made ;o)

Freitag, 21. Januar 2011

Werbung in eigener Sache ;-) - "da werden Sie geholfen", wenn Du mehr zur analogen Fotografie lernen möchtest, oder Dich für Serigrafie (Siebdruck) interessierst.
ZZt. bezieht sich das Angebot auf St.Gallen/Schweiz, doch der Kurs "Fotografie ohne Technik" kann auch an anderen Orten abgehalten werden...