Freitag, 15. Februar 2013


Imagine, you are in the jungle and have lost the focusing-screen of your (D)SLR or TLR.
No problem. 
You only need to take out the right tools, and...

Ok, this a joke, but may be you've bought a cam from this "endless Bay"... and you recognize, that this cam has no focusing-screen, or the fs is destroyed... then you can make your own one:
Take the tools seen on the 1st pic, cut the Acrylic-Glas (about 2mm thickness) into the right size, finish it with sandpaper (800 grain) and put it into your cam.
Here made for the "Mamiya 645 1000S", focusing to the TV (Serial "Hawaii five O").
Good work
Tools you need for your handmade focus-screen.
Screen insert into the cam. Don't forget to remove the dust ;-)
The cam with the new screen.

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